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Live To Give

Live To Give. A few years ago we came into contact with this amazing family. We actually  first met at a neighborhood event in the same green belt where all our neighborhood events always take place. Instantly we knew there was something so special and wonderful about this family. All 5 of them were there, sweet little Ethan was so tiny laying in the stroller as Joe greeted us with a big hug and tons of laughs. We knew this family was going to be friends for life! Joe was always the life of the party or the neighborhood. He was out greeting people, playing with the kids, and fixing things. If you needed a tool, he didn't just bring it. He was there with his tool and he was going to help you get the job done. Joe lived his life with a motto of "live to give". He was the true walking example of going out and shows God's love to others. Shortly after meeting them we found out that Joe was diagnosed with cancer. Our hearts were broken. But even finding out this news didn't slow Joe down. He continued to be the happy life of the party and still was out in the community serving others. When we had neighborhood events, he was always there helping set up. Whatever anyone needed wether it be time, money, a hug, or something fixed, Joe was there. Joe was a fighter and nothing was going to stop him. Everyday he had to deal with pain from his cancer and you would never ever guess because he was constantly putting others before himself. A few short month ago Joe went to be with the Lord. As we are all still missing him so much I wanted Joe's life and words to be an example to others. He was truly the hand and feet of Jesus. So this idea came to me of creating this tee. Especially right now with all the ugliness of this world going on. I want to start a movement of showing God's love to everyone. Proceeds from this tee will go to Joe's family. May we all live our life with this motto of "live to give". We love you Joe!

In Him,



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